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This is me GitHub/3F and I want to be able to do more Open Source Projects and more for Open Source at all.

Feel the real freedom when using my free programs, tools, source codes, projects support, documentations, and lot of other related things.

No Ads! no Spam! no Scam! no Trojans! only the best things from my professional 10+ years skills (see below).

And this is my non-commercial activity 'as is' which completely non-profit for me o_o'

My personal non-profit aspirations that survives on donations. Because this is my personal time to develop anything, or to explaining something (including examples etc.).

Your support really helps me to continue, or just for really "Thank you, Denis"!

Any donations are welcomed, even for bugs ☕ coffee first you know :) Enjoy with me ^_^


I do not call anyone for help to me. This is optional of course!

To be sure that is me contact via GitHub or use my Copyright contacts:

  • entry.reg@gmail.com ( same for github.com/3F at July 2019 )
  • x-3F@outlook.com ( planned to be primary soon for all public communications )

Why Bank accounts?

PayPal and third-party web-donation-products that uses PayPal for payments (like ko-fi above): Actually, are not so convenient due to currency conversion to ₽ (RUR) even if I have my bank account in $ (USD)! This is official policy of PayPal:

~"Only ₽ (RUR) for adding new bank account in your profile because of selected country … " they said :(

Bank accounts ( $ USD, € EUR, … )

You can use any comfortable way for you to send any sum directly to my bank accounts below without an additional currency conversion. This is more convenient option at least for me.

Please note:

  1. For non-commercial purposes like ~ donation for non-commercial free open source project, github.com/3F, and so on.
  2. Possible additional Fees and charges depends on your payment methods. You need to check this yourself. And of course you can just subtract this from total amount, as you like.

Contact with me if needed.

Bank accounts for non-commercial purposes

For $ USD:

Beneficiary bank
Name:     PJSC "Promsvyazbank"
Address:  Stroenie 22:10, Smirnovskaya ul., Moscow, Russia
Account with correspondent bank:  30109840200000003251

Correspondent bank
Name:     SVIAZ-BANK (Interregional Bank for Settlements of the Telecommunications and Postal Services)
Address:  Novoryazanskaya Ul. 31/7 Korpus 2 105066 Moscow
Account with intermediary bank: 8900661097

Intermediary bank
Name:     The Bank of New York Mellon
Address:  One Wall Street, New York, NY 10286, USA

Account:  40817840440000098336
Name:     Kuzmin Denis

For € EUR:

Beneficiary bank
Name:     PJSC "Promsvyazbank"
Address:  Stroenie 22:10, Smirnovskaya ul., Moscow, Russia
Account with correspondent bank:  0103495016

Correspondent bank
Address:  Rusterstrasse, 7-9 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Account:  40817978640000099382
Name:     Kuzmin Denis

For ₽ RUR:

Банк получателя: ПАО "Промсвязьбанк" г.Москва

БИК: 044525555
Корр.счет: 30101810400000000555

Получатель: Кузьмин Денис Иванович
Счет получателя: 40817810740000056516


If you want to be a notable sponsor for some projects (or me directly).

  • Follow the project information if exists.
  • You can also create an issue or even use PR to add text-based record about your donations for the readme file and so on.
  • Most valuable supporter can also add some logo image etc.

Contact with me:

  • entry.reg@gmail.com (Please do not send me reports about problems from my open source projects via this! Use GitHub Issue Tracker instead. It helps to coordinate my tasks better.)


Pro& OpenSource Software Developer with 10y+ of experience in various fields … Math statistics, Analyzers, Compilers/VM, lot of plugins, libs, tools, … I love 🖼️🎹🎻🚴‍…

Today's actual Open (and absolutely Free) public projects you can find mostly on [ GitHub/3F ] (migrated at the end of 2016)

Thank you!

If you still here :)

I want to say thanks for everyone who understands this important things!

Thank you 💕

Let's do even more interesting things together 💪

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