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Free Software products and lot of other amazing things such as various programs, tools, scripts, libraries, compilers, parsers, algorithms, helpers, source codes, projects support, documentations, and many other related where no Ads! no Spam! no Scam! no Trojans! Only the best from my professional 15+ years skills.

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Use my contact information from the official GitHub page. Starting from 2021, [email protected] emails should be signed using the same GPG keys as for GitHub. For example, my personal valid keys:

Key ID Key type Public key GitHub
48C57854C71C6982 ECC (Elliptic curve) Download Verified signature
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Note: [email protected] ( obsolete, 2009 - 2020 [?] )

Brief about me

I am a professional Software Developer with 15y+ of experience in various fields … Analyzers/parsers, compilers/VM, math, stats, lot of plugins, libs, tools, opensource, … I love 🖼️🎹🎻🚴‍…

Today's actual Open (and absolutely Free) public projects you can find mostly on [ GitHub/3F ] (migrated at the end of 2016)

There you can find my unique algorithms like high-speed multiplication which became the way to impl fast hashing, and other like,

  • Solutions for deploying in isolated env
  • Solutions for automation
  • Compilers and their modifications
  • Legitimate hacks and reverse engineering
  • Parsers, of course.

🧵 Chapter of memories: https://www.reddit.com/r/x3F/comments/z11wr6/on_the_evening_of_20071121_my_life_changed_to/

Thank you!

I want to say thanks to everyone who understands this important things!

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