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Free Software products and some amazing things from my various programs, tools, scripts, libraries, compilers, parsers, algorithms, source codes, projects maintenance, … and lots of other related where no Ads! no Spam! no Scam! no Trojans! Only the best from my professional 15+ years skills.

You can sponsor me or my projects via bitcoin using address bc1qwep6gd6kv9re8ac98at0m30en99lke4mxk55ff

I appreciate any donation. Thank you! this is very important! Because this helps me continue to develop free and open source solutions for everyone and for you;

*Payment methods like paypal, ko-fi, patreon, github, cards, bank accounts, … are not available for me anymore. Contact me to discuss or suggest something. You can optionally verify my emails using the same GPG keys used for GitHub: 48C57854C71C6982 | public key | ✔ Verified signature via GitHub

Brief about me

I am a professional Software Developer with 15y+ of experience in various fields … Analyzers/parsers, compilers/VM, math, stats, lot of plugins, libs, tools, …

What else, I love 🖼️🎹🎻🚴‍… + ~some good Anime: Kino no Tabi (2003); Lain; Clannad; Mushishi; Abenobashi; Shinwa Taikei; …

I am also a OpenSource developer 👋 《 github/3F 》 migrated at the end of 2016

There you can find my unique algorithms like high-speed multiplication which became the way to impl fast hashing, and other like,

  • Solutions for deploying in isolated env;
  • Solutions for automation;
  • Compilers and their modifications;
  • Legitimate hacks and reverse engineering;
  • Parsers, of course;

Thank you!

I want to thank everyone who understands this important things!

Let's do even more interesting things together 💪

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